Stephane Mallarme

You’d never have found Mallarmé in the back room at the Prince. He kept more elevated company. His poetry is equally elevated. As a Symbolist he played primarily with the ambiguity & musicality of words. Their ability to suggest dreamy or childlike or exotic moods. His ‘A Throw of the Dice’ played with space, emptiness, … More Stephane Mallarme

Charles Baudelaire

Remember the back room at The Prince ? Friday night . Saturday night . Pimps,hookers,dealers,regulars,wannabes.Baudelaire would have loved it . The torrid diversity . The high . The low . I can see him beside the jukebox scribbling in a note book . A poem,an essay, some art critisism. Something to prick the pretentions of … More Charles Baudelaire

Language Poetry

Think grammar , punctuation , linear narrative , autobiography , the lyric , three act structures , resolution , mythologies , the unified & univocal self , an essential biological self , patriarchy , fixed gender roles , nationalism  , capitalism , class , the canon , etc. are linguistic & material structures that seek … More Language Poetry

Gertrude Stein

Grandmother of Language Poetry & patron to Picasso & Matisse , Gertrude Stein considered words primarily for their ‘weights’, textures & rhythms rather than any literal meaning . Like Matisse & colour , releasing it from any fidelity to nature . Or like Picasso , slicing,dicing & recombining forms in any manner he saw fit … More Gertrude Stein

Arthur Rimbaud

The English Romantic poet Lord Byron was by one assessment mad , bad & dangerous to know . Rimbaud was all that & more . Ancestor to Surrealism . Seeker of enlightenment through derangement of the senses .Destabiliser of language & poetic form . An arsehole , frequently . By the age of 21 he’d … More Arthur Rimbaud

Blogger – Philippa Armstrong: I love a sunburnt junkie

The following poem was written as a collaborative piece in class by the roomers group in 2011.  Our insincere apologies to anyone who holds “My Country” by Dorothea Mackellar sacred.. I love a sunburnt junkie A man of weeping veins Of jagged fountain angels who laugh at bloody pains I shoved him four horizons And glassed … More Blogger – Philippa Armstrong: I love a sunburnt junkie