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Asemic writing.

According to the market, aka Wikipedia, some dude coined the term in 1997. As the article notes, the work itself has been around for ever. A couple of friends and I had a little show of asemic gear in the early nineties.We made a profit. Job done. Scan0458 Scan0456

Michael Farrell

Duchamp on speed at a mixing desk. Bits of everything: Language Poetry, Surrealism, St. Kilda mornings, country life through a kaleidoscope. Rapid craft plus Malarme’s tossed dice.

Bravo, Anton!

It’s the hope of every consumate ironist that most readers will not get it . Today at Roomers we read Chekov’s The Woman with the dog.  Everything about this tale is stock: the characters,their appearance,their speech, their syntax, their attitudes, the places they go, the situations they find themselves in. It’s an ironic dismantling of the … More Bravo, Anton!