More cubes.

Somewhere around the beginning of the twentieth century Western philosophy took its ‘linguistic turn.’ Issues were deemed problems of language rather than morality, ethics, or whatever. A given language, English, French, German, etc., became a social artifact rather than rising directly from the soil. Painters, like poets, went for a strategy of making things unfamiliar. … More More cubes.

Cubist poetry

It’s 1911 or therabouts. We now live in a city. The economy is industrial. Explanations linking culture directly to a combination of Nature and the Supernatural now make even less sense. We have mass communication. We have the mass production of images. Space and Time are no longer discrete. Matter and energy are no longer … More Cubist poetry

Another thing you find on youtube

Stravinsky worked with Picasso. Picasso, influenced by Breton & later Sartre, wrote plays & masses of poetry.

Hit me, baby, one more time.

The Waves

Monologue at Roomers yesterday. Here’s a poetic novel with six characters,six monologues, a seventh character whose voice we never hear, and a group of third person descriptions to break things up & provide a little context. One of the good things about being a Public Servant in the Eighties was plenty of time to read. … More The Waves