Amie Urban

Amie Urban’s passion for writing and people led her to a Roomers workshop in August ’15, on her way to 90 mile beach.  You can read more about Amie’s travels at

I Am

I am a white Canadian girl
I was raised to be a nationalist
Proud of my country
A good Christian
Now I am none of those things
I am obsessed with travelling
It was something I was deprived of as a child
But now I relish in it as an adult
My family moved me around often as a kid
But it was only around English speaking North America
Two provinces and two territories were my residences
The only times we left Canada was to go to the States
I left the English speaking world at the age of 21
I lived in Italy for a month
On a trip for academic and personal fulfillment
Years before I went I often felt a gap in my life
Something was missing
I found it in travelling
Not listening to English gave me a break
I focused on motions from the face and body rather than words
I like the challenge of being without the comforts of English
The next summer I lived in East Germany
I spoke German everyday
It was a language puzzle
I struggled with every piece
I like struggling
I like figuring out the puzzle in a different language and culture
I like helping immigrants and foreigners with their English
Help them with the puzzle
As others helped me
It became my hobby when I came back from Germany
I like helping others
I feel like I’m needed
I now serve a purpose, contributing to some greater good
I like the feeling of culture shock
It is gutting and revolutionary at the same time
It is a wonderful and painful feeling
I think everyone should experience it at least once in their lifetime
Although I am no longer a Christian
I feel that loving the common man
Existing around in the world in various races, cultures, and ethnicities
Is how I can gain favour in the eyes of a higher power
I am not a patriotic Canadian anymore
I have seen more progress and advancement in other countries
Concepts that other Canadians would shun
But I acknowledge where I come from
Living in the northern Arctic and the Western Canadian prairies
Have made me the person that I am today
But I like being shaped as an adult in places of which I am not accustomed
To learn more about myself and the true greater world
Of which I am one single part

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