Mary Grace Lavakis

Artwork by Mary Grace Levakis

Bio: I enjoy writing and reading these days, and drawing.

For Steve

There was a crack in the sky
and lightening flashed
through parting clouds

even so
I went to the Botanical Gardens
for a walk
and took a book to read
and a camera to take photographs

I sat down for a picnic
by the lake
I undid my thermos
and poured myself some
sweet, hot, wonderful coffee
ate some delicious sandwiches

Excited seagulls
minors, butcher birds and magpies
hung around eager for
some crumbs

Leafy branches trembled
in a sudden breeze
Roses were in full bloom
like coloured balloons

Artwork by Mary Grace Lavakis

It’s Ok To Feel Blue
(First published in a zine, The Blues In Poetry)

It’s Ok to feel blue
it’s something once in a while, we all do
We all cry when we’re born
and  graze our knees when we fall
Babies cry, kitten meow & puppies bark
It’s ok I feel I have to impart
to whinge or complain, when things are not right
Better to let it all out, than to keep it inside
You might write someone a letter or try to telephone
or pray to God, to help you work it out on your own
When a problem can’t be solved, right away
put it off your mind for a while and go out and play
You may then see the problem, revived and fresh
and tackle it once more with vigour and zest
If I’ve helped you a little then I’m truly glad
For I’m no professor just an ordinary lass
who’s had her share of sorrows but also happiness
So remember, it’s ok to feel blue
it’s an emotion we can all relate to